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Did you know the facts?

World government reports indicate that more than 5.5 million jobs worldwide have been eliminated due to corporate downsizing in the past 10 years - and an estimated 55% of all jobs created in the next 10 years will be near poverty level !


The average yearly salary is just above $25,000 in the USA; in many other countries it is below!

While the average work from home income is $50,250 per year in the USA

Many World Magazines describe a shift in thinking resulting in millions of people working from home part or full-time. This number is increasing every year. It is estimated that 44% of the workforce already is working from home, and that's in the States alone. By 2010 that number will be a staggering 69%!

We are involved in the Direct sale, Mail order, Nutrition and Personal Care Industries. They are totalling many Billions Industry and growing daily! Incredible amount of money zipping through our mailboxes! How would you like to have a small percentage of that?

Anyone with determination, willingness to study and put into action our program should create success and earn above average income from the first year, as so many of us are.

You don’t need to be EINSTEIN to find out why this shift is occurring.

It is because - People are deciding to take their futures into their own hands.

This "New Era" of home-based working growth is largely due to the latest developments in new Internet technologies & E-commerce. These new technologies are now available at realistic prices for those who desire to work from home. We have developed the most exciting and technologically advanced home-based work system on the Internet, while at the same time, leaving it very simple to manage and nearly 100% hands free.

This is a $450 billion dollar industry that needs our help!