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 How to Eat the Right Foods at the Right Time
   This years promotion from the American Dietetic Association suggests that we Eat Right, says
   Luigi Gratton, M.D., MPH and VP of medical affairs and education at Herbalife. Thats always
   good advice, but easier said than done. Eating right means not only making the right food choices,
   but also eating the right foods at the right time.

   To keep your mind and body properly fuelled, here are some tips to help you to Eat Right at the right time:

 Eat right after you exercise.
   After a good workout, your body might be low on fuel. The best time to fill up is 30-45 minutes after
   you finish your exercise. Your hungry muscles are looking for healthy carbohydrates like fruits,
   vegetables or whole grains - and a shot of protein.

 Eat right when you get up.
   You dont need to eat immediately upon awakening, but its important to eat in the morning. People
   who skip breakfast often over-compensate on calories during the morning hours or at lunch, or they may
   rely on caffeine or sugary foods to power through the first few hours of the day. A light breakfast a bowl
   of oatmeal with a bit of protein powder stirred in or a bowl of berries with a dollop of cottage cheese can
   be followed a couple hours later with a piece of fruit, a handful of soy nuts or a stick of string cheese.
   Or try a protein shake with some milk and fruit.

 Eat right when it comes to fats.
   We need small amounts of fat in the diet, but most of us eat too much fat. And, some fats like the
   ones naturally present in fish, tree nuts, olives and avocados are healthier than others. Read labels
   to curb your intake of saturated fats and trans fats that can raise cholesterol levels. Healthy fats add
   flavour, so add avocado or nuts to your salad, or a dab of flavourful olive oil to steamed veggies.

 Eat right before you work out.
   Depending on the length and intensity of your workout, plan your eating accordingly. You need to fuel up
   before your exercise especially if you work out first thing in the morning. If you dont have much time
   to eat beforehand, easy-to-digest foods like smoothies, soups or yogurt do the trick. If you have a few
   hours to digest before you hit the trail, have a regular meal with plenty of healthy carbs whole grain
   breads, brown rice, pasta, fruits and veggies to keep you going strong.

 Eat right when you eat out.
   We eat more than half our meals out, so dining out isnt the special occasion it used to be. Resist the urge
   to splurge when youre out. If youre trying to cut your calories, split an entre with a friend and order an
   extra salad. Or, skip the starchy sides and double up on veggies. Ask for dressings and sauces on the side
   so you can control how much you eat.

 Eat right before you grocery shop.
   If you do your shopping on an empty stomach, youll be like a kid in a candy store everything will look
   good to you. Grab a protein bar, a piece of fruit or a handful of nuts before you go out the door so youll
   be less tempted. Try to plan meals ahead of time, make a list and stick to it.

 Eat right from the garden.
   Fresh fruits and vegetables are some of the healthiest foods around, but we often eat the same ones
   day in, and day out. Visit your local farmers markets to find new foods or new varieties to add to the
   menu. Eating locally and seasonally will add a spark to your menu, and foods are usually much fresher.

 Eat right at night.
   Many people eat the majority of their daily calories during the hours stretching from dinner time to
   bedtime. Those who eat lightly or skip meals during the day, only to indulge at night, arent providing
   their brains and muscles with the fuel thats needed for daily activity. Spread your meals and snacks
   over the day, and eat light at night. If after-dinner snacking is piling on the pounds, try pre-portioned
   puddings or frozen fruit bars, a handful of nuts or a cup of tea. Or, brush your teeth right after dinner
   to deter you from eating.

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